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Bid Advertisement Form e-tenders Exhibition Stand559.8 KBBid Advertisement Form mobile application25.9 KBBidAForm TKZN26.0 KBExhibition stand full advert518.1 KBLegal services233.5 KBNB Tender Opening Advert Connectivity Hosting voice and data October 2020125.9 KBPublication Name of bidders Virtual Reality 201742.1 KBPUBLICATION OF TENDER AWARD E3R Event Management35.1 KBPUBLICATION OF TENDER AWARD E3R Transport33.8 KBPUBLICATION OF TENDER AWARD Situational Analysis34.2 KBPUBLICATION OF TENDER AWARD179.4 KBTender Opening Advert ICT Infastructure & Disaster Recovery october 2020116.6 KBTender Opening Advert Activations and Events Management and Logistics Services Previous Panel130.8 KBTender Opening Advert Marketing Services Agency195.4 KBTender Opening Advert PR Comms Agency197.7 KBTender Opening Advert SAP Business One System111.9 KBTender Opening Advert Social Media Agency198.8 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN 01-2020 Legal Panel84.5 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN 02-2020 SAP Business One(1)127.1 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN 02-2020 SAP Business One68.1 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN 03-2020 ICT Infrastructure, support and disaster recovery67.4 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN 04-2020 Website and Associated Services 202073.8 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN 05-2019 Website Developer and Associated Services253.0 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN 05-2020 Connectivity Hosting voice and data70.5 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN 06-2019 Connectivity Hosting Voice and Data Solutions257.9 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN 06-2020 Social Media 202076.9 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN 08-2019 Construction of new guardhouse access road storm water infrastructure and widen existing long walk to freedom pathway258.2 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN 08-2020 Marketing Services Agency134.6 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN Travel Agency125.2 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN Website Associated Services116.2 KBTender Opening Advert TKZN WIDE AREA NETWORK117.9 KBTender Survey767.7 KBTKZN 02-2016 Virtual reality41.6 KBTKZN 03-2016 Mobile Application163.1 KBTKZN 04-2016 Communications & Stakeholders Management Strategy41.9 KBTKZN Internal Services Publication of Bidders Names298.7 KBTKZN01-2016 Activations & Events Management42.1 KBTKZN Strategic Marketing Services Publication of Bidders Names162.4 KBTKZN Social Media Publication of Bidders Names300.1 KB2Internal Audit Services7.9 MB11Virtual Reality Bid documents(2)1.7 MB11Website and digital Bid document1.7 MBAdvert Courier Services 201441.2 KBAdvert KZN is Summer Lauch 201439.5 KBBid Advertisement Form Comms24.4 KBBid Advertisement Form events24.4 KBBid Advertisement Form Virtual Reality24.5 KB