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Category: Food

Dukkah Restaurant & Bar

Dukkah Restaurant & Bar on Durban’s Florida road is a high point on the durban dining scene - a modern and luxuriant social hub with an upscale cocktail bar and lounge. Dukkah is open for lunch and dinner and serves delicious cuisine that takes its influences from the eastern coastline of our continent. Designed by chef extraordinaire and TV celebrity

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Wine Tasting

Are you a wine-drinker or passionate about wines and wine tasting? Did you know that KwaZulu-Natal is home to grape farms and estates that are slowly winning over popularity with their locally made wines? Our province now has three established wineries who produce their own branded wines which showcase different categories and styles of wine. Through the

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Everybody Loves Sushi

What if we were to tell you that you could eat Sushi as good and as tasty as the Sushi that is made in Japan, but here in KwaZulu-Natal? Don’t believe us? Come and experience the taste for yourself, because everyone loves sushi! From the smaller take-away stores, to the family seafood restaurants, to the more authentic sushi experience, we have it

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KwaZulu-Natal Picnic Spots

If there is one thing our province is not short of, it’s places to picnic (well, actually we’re not short of much)! Looking for a little time outdoors with a loved one or the family? KwaZulu-Natal offers so many spots to picnic at that’s completely budget friendly! Our weather is warm throughout the year, so picnicking can happen any time of the year. If

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Fine Dining

Not only is KwaZulu-Natal filled with adventure, culture, heritage and amazing wildlife, but we are also a province that has pure luxury to offer! If you’re looking to visit the best of the best and really get a taste of the finest dining establishments, you will definitely be spoilt for choice! In the city of Durban is where you will find most fine

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Barn Owl Coffee Shop

Coffee with a view

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? What is even better than that is a good cup of coffee with a view… and maybe a snack or two! There are so many good cafés and coffee shops in and around KwaZulu-Natal and we are here to share a few of them with you! Go meandering though the Midlands area, our very own countryside, with rolling green hills and

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Durban Curry

Eat an Authentic Durban Curry

Durban, the main city and hub of KwaZulu-Natal is known to be the second largest populated area with the Indian community, outside of India. This is due to the history of the Indian community traveling to South Africa to become indentured labourers and in KwaZulu-Natal, many of them arrived to work on the sugarcane fields. Because of this rich piece of

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