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KwaZulu-Natal is the third largest province in South Africa and offers a range of unique explorations and activities, from visiting the sandy beaches, to adventuring through the Drakensberg mountain ranges. KwaZulu-Natal really does have it all! If you’re wondering how to travel between these vastly different areas, we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to worry, there are plenty of transport options available to every and any traveler.

Our new King Shaka International Airport allows for international and domestic flights. There are quite a few popular and reputable international airline companies that fly directly into King Shaka International Airport, such as Emirates, British Airways and Air Mauritius to name a few. There are other domestic budget-friendly airlines that are usually easy enough to arrange online such as Mango and FlySafair. The airport is situated 30 minutes outside the city centre. A shuttle service can be organised in advance to transport you to your hotel or holiday destination, this can be rather pricey but it’s quite convenient after a long flight.

Durban Transport Hub

The city of Durban is the hub of KwaZulu-Natal, and it is from here where transport is easily attainable or arranged. It is here where private shuttle services, car hire facilities and private tour companies can be easily found. Use our website to search through various options available to you. Of recent years, our modes of transport have become more cost-efficient and accessible, and the likes of Uber and Bolt are widely used in the city, at relatively low rates. It is no doubt that these modes of transport has allowed for tourists and locals to explore not only the city, but the countryside and rural areas too.

Should you prefer driving through KwaZulu-Natal yourself, the public roads in the province are generally well-developed and have clearly marked signage. The hiring of a private car, caravan or 4×4 is affordable. All makes and models of cars and 4×4’s can be hired at reputable car rental companies such as Avis, Hertz, Bidvest and Europcar which can be found either at the King Shaka International Airport or at various other pick-up or drop-off points in and around the Durban city. If you are looking for a more specialised or larger vehicle, these can be booked online ahead of your arrival. Choosing to drive around KwaZulu-Natal is a brilliant way to travel and explore this beautiful part of South Africa at your own leisure. For the international tourist its best to know that in , like the rest of South Africa the vehicles are right-hand drive and drivers travel on the left-hand side of the road. You would need an international driver’s license and a minimum of 5 years driving experience.   

Our Game Reserves

If your main reason for visiting our stunning province is to visit one of our many popular game reserves, its best to hire your own vehicle as most of the larger game reserves and national parks allow self-drive options. Most of the routes through the reserves can accommodate any type of vehicle albeit some are only suitable for 4×4’s, so please confirm before traveling to these destinations.

There are also options to contact a tour company or arrange a driver or tour guide if you prefer driving but are not too confident with directions. You can use these services for a day, week or the full duration of your vacation. Search our website for reputable tour guides and tour agencies.

There are three types of taxis that can be used in KwaZulu-Natal. Firstly, there are the private taxis that need to be arranged ahead of time via an app or phone call. These taxis tend to be safe and efficient like the Mozzie cabs and the Eagle Taxis. The second type of taxi is the minibuses or public taxis, these taxis are generally used by the locals, tend to be crowded and can be overwhelming for a first-time visitor, so we suggest only using this mode of transport if you are familiar with how they work. The final taxi service is the more well-known Uber, Taxify and Bolt, which have a good reputation globally and locally. These taxis are affordable and can be arranged via an app on your smartphone so long as your smartphone has access to the internet.

Traveling Around KwaZulu-Natal by Bus

Another economical way to travel around KwaZulu-Natal is by bus. There are the inter-provincial buses such as Intercape and Citiliner which offer long-distance travel, equipped with air con and comfy seats to transport you into KwaZulu-Natal from neighbouring provinces.

Within KwaZulu-Natal there are also the famous hop-on/hop-off buses that take tourists to all the biggest and famous attractions. This option is convenient because you decide where to stop and for how long and is very budget friendly.

Make sure to do your research and do all your bookings early to ensure you enjoy your time spent in the Zulu Kingdom.

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