Ghost stories in KZN

If you’re scouting for truly different and otherworldly things to do in KZN then allow us to propose some of the most chilling and most exciting ghost adventures and ghost stories you may ever experience. An added plus of these ghost adventures is that it will lead you to new places to visit in KZN, including the truly beautiful Midlands Meander right in the heart of the spectacular ‘Zulu Kingdom’.

Meet the lead characters in some of KZN’s most riveting ghost stories

nottingham-road-hotelThere are a number of unearthly characters that consistently appear on the dramatic stage of the haunting ghost stories of KZN. Most of them feature in the Midlands Meander and in Pietermaritzburg. We figured a pre-introduction may enhance your chances of getting up close and personal with them during your ghost adventures.
  • An anonymous ghost traveler who often shows his face in Ketelfontein, Pietermaritzburg
  • The famous “Grey Lady” spectre of Addington Hospital in Durban
  • ‘Charlotte’, the ghost of the Nottingham Road Hotel in Nottingham Road, on the Midlands Meander
  • ‘Miranda’, the ghost of the former Natal Training College in the Garden City or Pietermaritzburg
  • ‘Sergeant Bosch’, the ghost of the Polo Tavern, in Pietermaritzburg
History has it that the ghost traveler of Ketelfontein was hunted down and shot by the police for being in possession of illegal diamonds – which were considered to be worth a small fortune. He hid the diamonds away before the police had captured him and to this day, they have not been found. So if you’re hoping to bump into this ghost and perhaps discover his riches too – do place Old Howick Road, Pietermaritzburg, on your list of places to visit in KZN. The Ghost of Nottingham Road Hotel

Haunted buildings to visit on your ghost adventures in KZN

Apart from the well-known ghosts that you could meet during your ghost adventures along Midlands Meander and in Pietermaritzburg, there are a few buildings in KZN that may, upon entering them, also send chills down your spine. These are some of the more mainstream ghost stories that are told from generation to generation: The unearthly characters of these ghost stories are said to mostly show up in the dark of the night. But there have been several reports of sounds, of the ghosts of Alexandra Park on late, hot and humid afternoons – when the area is shrouded by thick fog. Encounters include the voices of an umpire loudly hollering ‘six’ – and someone shouting ‘bravo!’, as if from the grandstand, to mention but a few. Even though there is no actual match being played!

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