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Ithala Game Reserve

Ithala Game Reserve

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Proclaimed to be 29 653 ha in extent, the reserve holds about 910 species of plant life. The vegetation types range between wetland or marsh, stream, bank and riverine thicket, open savanna etc. It is thus not surprising that Ithala has such varied fauna, with 80 mammal, 314 bird, 18 amphibian and 15 reptile species recorded. Because of its size, this reserve can carry a large mammal population. It is hoped that other species including more predators will be reintroduced in the future. Bush camps: three rustic bush camps available for hire. Thalu bush camp accommodates four people in a two-bedroomed reed and thatch unit, mbizo bush camp accommodates eight people in two separate four bedded units. Mhlangeni bush camp houses ten people in five two bedded units. Camps are fully equipped but visitors need to bring their own food and torches. Ntshodwe camp. Accommodation for 172 visitors in 39 self-catering, fully equipped chalets. Conference centre with accommodation for 56 delegates. Campsites have a small rustic camp ground. No caravan facilities.