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La Bella Trattoria – Italian;

La Bella Trattoria – Italian;

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La Bella Café, on the historic old site of Durban’s first ever fire station in about 1887 or so, and later on a Berea sub-station, is one of the most striking eateries/pubs in Durban. This famous building was taken over in 2007 by Durban entrepreneur Bob Humphreys. Bob has owned many successful businesses i.e. Three Monkeys, Shunters Arm and Thirsty’s to name but a few. Bob took over St Tropez / Eden on Essenwood and began to create a new look with La Bella and the transformation was instant. Click to View the Gallery His idea was to offer a place that served good food at a good price; hence it has been turned into a homely, friendly Italian eatery, offering homemade pasta and pizzas. He then opened the La Bella bar/beer garden which has now become a popular drinking hole for Durbanites.