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Mo-zam-bik – Seafood;

Mo-zam-bik – Seafood;

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Deeply flavorful Portuguese food as it is cooked in Mozambique, with some unusual options like calamari with chorizo and olives, and line fish with green banana, mango, coriander, shallots and coconut milk. Great calamari espada. Fri-sun lunch (Mon-Sun Mozambik is about a dream… a dream that two guys share, Ryan Stewart and Brett Michielin. Its a dream about building family restaurants where they are able to share their passion for food and cooking with you. A family restaurant to take you away, without a need to board a plane to experience Mozambique. A destination where no passports are required. Our family restaurant, Mozambik is based on the authentic Mozambique Barraca which in English means Hut. In Mozambique eating and drinking, in a home or on the street, is a way of life – that is what is captured in our Barraca.