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Over 20 000 individual rock paintings in some 500 caves and overhang sites between Royal Natal National Park and Bushman’s Neck in the Drakensberg are now protected as a World Heritage Site. Most of it is hidden away in caves that take some hiking to reach. But they are the region’s cultural treasure. Here are but a few of the sites:

  • Battle Cave approached from the Injasuti Camp, has some of the only fight paintings
  • Game Pass at Kamberg is one of the  of the best preserved rock art sites
  • Ebusingata in the Royal Natal National Park must have a local guide
  • Ikanti Shelter is easy to reach, not far from Sani Pass Hotel
  • The open air Bushman Cave Museum in Giant’s Castle Reserve is one of the most accessible rock art sites with only a short walk bringing you to about 500 rock paintings
  • Mpongweni Shelter in the Cobham Reserve is worth the long walk
  • The Cavern at the Cavern Hotel
  • Sigubudu shelter is in the Royal Natal National Park
  • Ndedema Gorge has roughly 17 sites with an estimated 3 900 paintings, over 1 000 of them in Sebaayeni Cave
  • Bushman’s Nek Hotel, in the Little Berg, has its own rock art display and a number of rock art sites in caves for which they will give directions