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With more than 600 species recorded, the Zululand Birding Route is southern Africa’s birding diversity hotspot! A network of 16 self-drive routes offers a range of great birding localities that will thrill the most seasoned birder. For convenience these are grouped into four regions – North East Zululand (Elephant Coast), North West Zululand, Southern Zululand and North Coast Route (Zulu Root). World-famous birding venues provide forest, grassland, wetland, bushveld, mountains, estuarine, coastline and open ocean habitats, making this southern Africa’s most diverse area for birding. There are 63 Southern African endemic or near-endemic species present, making this region a must on any birders’ wish list. Eshowe falls under the Southern Zululand region and has three fantastic birding spots: Eshowe provides easy access to a range of superb forest birding, as well as a wide variety of other habitats. The signature locality of this route is the mystical Ongoye Forest, famed for the rare Woodward’s Barbet, which is the logo of the Zululand Birding Route. 1. Dlinza Forest 2. Ongoye Forest 3. Theunissen’s Dam 4. Amatikulu Nature Reserve 5. Dreadnought Walking Trail 6. Ntumeni Forest 7. Goedetrou Dam Road