If you are looking for postcard scenery, crisp air, clear streams, luxury, leisure and a laidback lifestyle, the Southern Drakensberg in KwaZulu-Natal has it all.

Escape to the Southern Drakensberg, land of great contrasts, with gently green rolling hills and valleys giving way to the jagged basalt peaks of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg mountains – you will not find better countryside anywhere!

The Southern Drakensberg stretches from Bushman’s Nek to Kamberg and Bulwer Mountain which includes the country towns of Underberg, Himeville, Bulwer and the Southern section of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park.

This beautiful part of the KwaZulu-Natal province is described as largely farmland that might once have been rather ‘off the beaten track’ but is now a far more popular destination. It’s a beautiful place to explore that feels both off-grid yet packed with interesting adventures.

The spectacular escarpment of the Southern Drakensberg hosts a rich biological diversity of widespread and rare plant and animal species, including unique high altitude Alpine vegetation.

Visitors can get away for a weekend with relatively little hassle and enjoy the incredible scenery and the annual event, Splashy Fen Music Festival, that sees thousands of people on a farm near Underberg for four days that celebrates life, art, music, fun, food and enjoyment, all within a World Heritage Site.

Enjoy mountain biking, horse riding, trout fishing, birding and wildlife, and much, much more! Explore an array of San Rock Art, as well as the local arts and crafts.

The most epic experience of the Southern Drakensberg is the hair-rising Sani Pass, a must for any adventurer’s bucket list and is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and picturesque 4×4 mountain passes in Africa.

The drive through Sani Pass rises to an altitude of 2874 metres linking KZN to the Kingdom of Lesotho.

The best time to visit is in winter as tourists can experience chilly weather and heavy snowfalls that blanket the escarpment, offering an added attraction in the form of skiing.

The Maloti Drakensberg Park, a World Heritage Site, should be part of every journey to the Southern Drakensberg. This spectacular natural site contains many caves and rock-shelters with the largest and most concentrated group of paintings in Africa.

This is the best spot for artists, photographers, fishermen, birders, campers and hikers.

Birdwatchers come to the Southern Drakensberg to see rare and uncommon cranes, endemic raptors like the mighty Bearded Vulture, and mountain grassland species like the Drakensberg Siskin and the Orange breasted Rockjumper.

There are many good quality accommodation options in Southern Drakensberg. Premier Resort Sani Pass, Penwarm Country Lodge, Mkomazana Mountain Cottages, Amazian Mountain River Lodge, Qambathi Mountain Lodge, Castleburn and many other that offer visitors breath-taking views of the mountains and a place to snuggle up to your loved ones.

Visitors can explore a variety of activities such as Pennygum rafting and tubing, Gxalingenwa cave hike, Himeville Museum, Underberg Art Gallery, Garden Castle Nature Reserve, Historical Rhodes Village, Hot-Air Ballooning, Zip-lining and paragliding.

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