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Spotlight on Youth Entrepreneurship: Dominic Naidoo of Travel Bug Tours & Safaris

In celebration of Youth Month, KZN Tourism & Film Authority, formerly known as Tourism KZN, is proud to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit of Dominic Naidoo, the founder of Travel Bug Tours & Safaris. His business offers an array of immersive and unforgettable travel experiences that showcase the rich history, culture, cuisine, art, wildlife, and natural beauty of KwaZuluNatal.

Travel Bug Tours & Safaris features captivating tours such as the Chatsworth Explorer and the vibrant Little India Tour, along with the historical Durban Walking Tour. These curated adventures cater to a wide range of travellers, providing unique and enriching experiences.

Specialising in bespoke sustainable safaris, Dominic’s company operates in renowned locations like Tala Collection Game Reserve, Manyoni Private Game Reserve, and Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve. The mission of Travel Bug Tours & Safaris is to offer responsible travel experiences that positively impact both the environment and the local communities.

What truly sets Travel Bug Tours & Safaris apart is its commitment to sustainability and deep connections with local communities, ensuring tours are both enjoyable and meaningful.

Dominic Naidoo’s journey as a youth entrepreneur began with his passion for showcasing the beauty and diversity of KwaZulu-Natal. In 2018, inspired by the rich cultural heritage and natural wonders of his home province, he founded Travel Bug Tours & Safaris to create travel experiences that transcend the ordinary.

Starting the business was challenging, as Dominic navigated the logistics of tour operations, built a network of local partners, and ensured sustainable practices. Despite these hurdles, the rewards have been profound. Seeing guests leave with unforgettable memories and knowing that the business has positively impacted local communities and the environment is deeply fulfilling for Dominic.

For Dominic, entrepreneurship is more than just running a business; it’s about being a catalyst for positive change. It has enabled him to create opportunities for himself and others in his community. Through Travel Bug Tours & Safaris, Dominic has been able to showcase the beauty of KwaZulu-Natal, promote sustainable tourism, and support local artisans and businesses. His entrepreneurial journey is one of continuous learning, resilience, and innovation, allowing him to pursue his passion while contributing to community growth.

Youth Day serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience and potential of young people. It commemorates the courage and determination of the youth in South Africa’s history, inspiring continued efforts towards a better future.

For Dominic, Youth Day underscores the importance of empowering the younger generation with opportunities and support to pursue their dreams. He feels fortunate to have been recognised and supported by both Tourism KZN, now known as KZN Tourism & Film Authority, and Durban Tourism, who motivate him to create a thriving business that uplifts others, especially the youth, through employment and community engagement.

KZN Tourism & Film Authority celebrates Dominic Naidoo and his contributions to sustainable tourism and community development, recognising him as a beacon of youth entrepreneurship in KwaZulu-Natal. Find out more about this youth-owned tourism business at https://www.travelbugtours.co.za/

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