The Zululand Heritage Route 66

Historically the route follows one of the oldest trade routes through Zululand. Settlers resident in Port Natal in the early 19th century would set off in ox wagons on well known tracks into Zululand crossing the Thukela River very close to the current N2 bridge over the river. These wagon tracks have long since made way for a modern infrastructure and todays visitors in their air-conditioned SUVs navigated by GPS can still get a feel of how things used to be on Route66.

This is the heart and the pulse of the Zulu Kingdom…a huge variety of culture and of eco-tourism make it an experience you will not forget. These include amongst others:

  • The Zulu Royal Family and many cultural events linked to it. Best known is the annual Zulu Royal Reed Dance at the Royal Residence  at Enyokeni outside of Nongoma. 
  • Zulu Culture and Heritage: you will not find any better than visiting the Valley of the Zulu Kings close to Ulundi – the Ukhamba / Beerpot  viewpoint overlooking the entire valley, the uMgungundlovu Multi Media Centre , the partially re-built Dingaanstat /Umgungundlovu, historical graves and the Ondini Zulu Cultural Museum on the P700 just outside of Ulundi. 
  • Zulu cultural events found nowhere else in the world but on this route: The annual Zulu Royal Reed Dance in which more than 20 000 Zulu maidens partake every year and the unique monthly Mona Market  running four days every month outside of Nongoma. 
  • A real Zulu experience for tourists visiting Eshowe, Ulundi, Nongoma closer to real Africa one can hardly get. 
  • Unique tourism attractions and accommodation on the Route add another plus to a trip you will not forget. Visit our website for more details and information. 
  • The Route does not only cover Zulu Culture and Heritage but also takes us through unique eco-tourism reserves, natural hot springs and much more. The world known Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve lies next to the route. Pongola Game Farms and Reserves around the northern entrance into Route66 are unique and in some the big 5 can be seen. For birding enthusiasts more than 300 species have been sighted. The Dlinza Forest is well known to birders even on international level. 
  • On Route 66 each of the towns from Pongola in the north via Nongoma and Ulundi to Melmoth/Eshowe until it joins the N2 at Gingindlovu on the eastern coast offers its own unique experiences all linked to the Zulu Culture and Heritage.
  • This is an Africa experience indeed!

Overseas tourists entering KZN from the north and local holiday-makers coming from Gauteng and Mpumalanga aiming at the KZN coastal area – visit and make use of this Route. An unforgettable experience!

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