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#TourismMonth2022 – Unforgettable Happens in KwaZulu-Natal!

It is so easy to overlook your own country when thinking about your next holiday destination. Often, we feel as though our country is a holiday destination only for those who are not native to our land. 

This Tourism month of September it’s time for us to change this perspective and to embrace being a tourist in our own country. 

Heralded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, South Africa is teeming with marvellous attractions at every corner and at the forefront of this beauty is none other than the wonderful province of KwaZulu-Natal. 

Tourism has always been one of the fastest growing and most important economic sectors in the world, providing benefits to both host communities and destination areas. However, the Covid-19 Pandemic that began in 2020 crippled the economy of South Africa and completely halted tourism with no end in sight for what seemed like forever.

While we are still amidst the dying stages of the pandemic, like all things the travel restrictions have been removed and we are now officially ready to welcome tourists from both near and far to our warm and sunny province this Spring! 

The month of September presents an opportunity for travellers and natives alike to access and explore a host of destinations and activities synonymous with KZN.

One such destination is that of the Drakensberg. Steeped in the cultural history of KwaZulu-Natal, the Drakensberg mountains host various high-end hotels and resorts for all sorts of travellers. Experience views like no other as you take in the gorgeous backdrop of never-ending mountains as you immerse yourself in the tranquil nature of the Drakensberg all the while enjoying the hospitality of the people of KZN. 

If it’s warm sandy beaches that are on the agenda for the month of September, then look no further than the South Coast. Heralded as the ultimate destination for those who want to catch up on their suntan, the South Coast awaits you! Experience the warm waves of the Indian ocean while gulping down your favourite refreshing beverage as you embrace the season of Spring in our beautiful province of KZN.  

This tourism month prepare yourself for a host of activities centred around warm weather, beautiful landscapes, invigorating adventure, refreshing ocean-blue waters, proudly South African cuisine, and a buzzing nightlife scene when you make your way to KwaZulu-Natal this September! 

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