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What’s a holiday without a history lesson?

Steeped in the legacy of the South Africa of yesteryear, experience the culturally rich and diversified history of the province of KwaZulu-Natal this festive season. 

KwaZulu-Natal is a treasure trove of historical sites, many of these sites can be found on the Inanda Heritage Route. 

Situated just 30KM outside of Durban, once you’re done swimming and splashing all over Durban’s coastline, prepare yourself to embark on a heritage journey through four major movements in Inanda. 

Synonymous with the South African peoples struggle against the oppressive apartheid regime, Inanda played host to a variety of iconic struggle movements such as Gandhi’s movement of passive resistance (Satyagraha), John Dube’s Ohlange Institute for African boys (he was also the founder of the African National Congress), the Shembe church, and the Inanda Seminary, a mission secondary boarding school that catered exclusively for African girls. 

Inanda’s Heritage Route Tour offers unique and historically accurate accounts of the above events and explores how these remarkable events shaped and inspired our democracy for what it is today. 

As the famous writer and philosopher, George Santayana once said: “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

This festive season, pack up the family and head to KwaDukuza where you and your travel buddies, be it friends, family, or children  can immerse yourselves in the life and times of Chief Albert Luthuli and the surrounding events of apartheid South Africa. 

Including the original 1927 home of Chief Albert Luthuli, today the site stands in as a national monument to one of South Africa’s stalwart freedom fighters and houses temporary exhibitions, where visitors gather to mark openings, and school children/learners participate in workshops. 

Known for his long walk to freedom, did you know that Nelson Mandela was captured in our very own KwaZulu-Natal outside of Howick on August 5, 1962? 

It is here in Howick where you can find the Nelson Mandela Capture Site. This truly remarkable moment in history is forever etched into the memory of KZN, where tourists are treated to a walk down memory lane of the late president’s significant life and the impact that he had on the outcome of our beautiful country. 

Known as the birthplace of the Zulu nation, this summer, dive into the rich biodiversity of the Valley of The Kings where the famous Zulu King Shaka spent much of his youth and where Dingane fought the Voortrekkers. This historical landsite is situated less than 10 kilometers south of Ulundi and 30 km from Melmoth, and captures the cultural heritage of the Zulu people, and natural landscape of the valley at the time of King Shaka.

Drawing visitors from around the world, the KZN Battlefields Route plays host to land that has seen 82 historical battles and stands as the largest concentration of significant Battles and war related sites in South Africa. Perfect for your next road trip, every town along the stretch of the Battlefields route offers historical buildings, battle sites and memorials, making for a fascinating tale that you will carry with you forever.

And you thought KwaZulu-Natal was just about sunshine and sandy beaches? 

This festive season make your way to our historical province of KwaZulu-Natal and experience a history in the flesh. 

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