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Are you a wine-drinker or passionate about wines and wine tasting? Did you know that KwaZulu-Natal is home to grape farms and estates that are slowly winning over popularity with their locally made wines? Our province now has three established wineries who produce their own branded wines which showcase different categories and styles of wine. Through the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal there has been what we call ‘an informal’ wine route establishing and we are so excited about it!

Firstly, we have Cathedral Peak Wine Estate which is situated in Central Drakensberg, and one can then travel through to Abingdon Wine Estate which is the oldest wine estate as well as Highgate Wine Estate.

Visit Cathedral Peak Wine Estate, where you can enjoy wine tastings every day except for Tuesdays from their estate wines, Zulu range or signature range. Cheese platters are offered with the wine tasting. They also have a wine club which you are able to join for free and become a part of their circle of wine lovers! A membership will give you access to pre-release offers and free or discounted delivery. We request that should you be interested in a wine tasting, bookings in advance are essential.

At Highgate Wine Estate, not only will you be able to thoroughly enjoy their range of 100% estate wines, but explore and adventure on a delightful tour through their vineyards and cellar. Not to mention this venue is stunningly beautiful! Bookings for wine tastings and estate tours can be done on their website. Enter and be greeted by the pleasant smell of the country, and the scent of oak barrels as you enter through to their cellar.

Abingdon Wine Estate, named ‘ KwaZulu-Natal’s premier wine estate ’, offers spectacular wine tastings from their tasting room which overlooks the vineyard. A family run business, it is so evident how passionate the staff and owners are about making the finest wines. Enjoy their wines by the glass or order an entire bottle to split amongst your family and friends.

These wineries are our province’s pride and joy and are ever-growing businesses that offer the highest quality products which are produced all in-house, from the grapes to the bottles. This is where quality surpasses the need for quantity… you can truly taste the difference!

Why not take the opportunity to explore and enjoy the delicious and tasteful wines that allow you to walk away with a truly memorable experience! KwaZulu-Natal truly does have it all!

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