Zululand Birding Route

The Zululand Birding Route – Way beyond the big 5 Zululand Birding Route mission is to promote and develop birding based tourism in KwaZulu-Natal for the benefit of avitourists, communities and birds. ZBR  has a spectacular 605 bird species and a wonderful range of destinations where they occur. It is a treasure trove of specials such as Green Barbet, Pel’s Fishing Owl, Pink-Throated Twinspot, Neergard’s Sunbird and Palmnut Vulture.

The Zululand Birding Route lights this jewel, marketing a service for birder, a natural evolution in response to the rapidly-increasing demand for birding tourism in South Africa by both domestic and international clients. The ZBR makes sure you get your birds and go far beyond the Big Five. But this is one part of a rich story. The Zululand Birding Route is much more than convenient information and booking system.

The ZBR is a conservation programmer, showing that birding can generate income for destination and local communities. In this way, birding tourism adds real value to wild birds and habitats in which they occur. It provides tangible reason to conserve natural habitats and the birds that occur in them. The Zululand Birding Route is helping create a new career path for Black South African, though training as birds guides. Individuals are selected for communities neighboring birding spots for a month long training.

Ongoing follow up assistance sharpness and asses their skills and ensures they are accredited as bird guides. And so to you, the visitor, your participation in Zululand Birding Route is helping to conserve birds and create awareness of their value for the people of Zululand. So much more than “just” a birding route, the Zululand Birding Route is an integrated approach to a sustainable environment and responsible tourism, promoting low impact sustainable tourism that benefits a broad range of people in Zululand. Contact us for more info on: Email: [email protected]   Web: www.zululandbirdingroute.co.za Tel: 0716080545 Fax: 086 577 3498

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